Connecting The Dots … Complete Video Series

Connecting The Dots… Video Series

Most people harbor questions to which they cannot seem to find answers – important questions, life questions. Perhaps you are one who asks “why?” and never seem to figure it out.

This series explains what you need to know to help figure out the conundrums that might be plaguing you, and takes you back to look at occurrences even before your conception that might impact or influence how you feel, think and behave today. Knowledge is power and when applied to yourself it revolutionizes you and your relationships, helping you to connect your dots…

Chapter 1: Our Beginnings: Every experience of life builds on previous experiences, and believe it or not, your most important characteristics were formed a long time ago, maybe even in your mother’s womb. Find out how and why.

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Chapter 2: The Lie: Most people base their lives (careers, relationships, etc.) on a lie that is planted within them early in life. You can give it back to the giver(s) and move on to a more joyful and successful life.

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Chapter 3: Basic Needs: Every child needs 12 basic components in order to thrive. Use this list and the explanation of it to determine how well your needs were met. Do you just survive or do you thrive?

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Chapter 4: How the Mind Works: This very simple, yet profound explanation will answer many questions you might have about your behaviors, and even the behaviors of those you care about.

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Chapter 5: Damages: Much of what we experience in life can hurt us for longer than the initial occurrence. Take a look at the wounds we receive that, unattended, will impact every aspect of life and relationships.

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Chapter 6: Thoughts and Feelings: Our behaviors usually are instigated by a feeling which becomes a thought. A combined they make up the moral character and impact our behaviors. It’s fixable!

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Chapter 7: Emotional Abuse: Words said that do not uplift or edify us cause long-lasting pain. Don’t believe the old saying “Sticks and stones may hurt my bones, but names will never hurt me . . .”

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Chapter 8: God’s Spirit: Many people feel that their prayers are useless, unanswered, WHY? Is there something that prevents us from being filled with a loving, kind, peaceful and joyful spirit? What is it?

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Chapter 9: Human Software: The brain is pre-programmed with gender-specific software. In order for the computer-like brain to function properly, and intimate relations to work well, we must follow the software’s directions.

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Chapter 10: Wheel of Life: One of the greatest issues preventing harmony in relationships is selfishness. We are designed to get childhood needs met by being self-centered, and then move beyond to adulthood. How?

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Chapter 11: Recovery: You want to watch this video first, right? NOT a good idea! Your personal wounds must first be diagnosed before applying the prescription for healing. If you are teachable, you are fixable!

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