Our Mission

Each of us has baggage. Some of us were given baggage before we were even born. Others were sent negative messages as children–messages that still impact us today. Still others have received messages of rejection through relationships as adults. The problem is, if we don’t take conscious action to deal with our baggage, we will end up toting it around for the rest of our lives.

Life Renewal, formerly known as Fixable Life, believes that if you can learn, you can heal. (As Life Renewal founders Nancy and Ron Rockey used to say, “If you are teachable, you are fixable!”) We are here to provide life-changing information designed to create personal insight, inspire the active resolution of issues and healing of relationships, and create insurance for a new and improved life. Our goal is to provide tools in the form of education (via books and workbooks, video resources, blogs, etc.), teaching you how to sort through your baggage, move to a healthier, happier tomorrow.

“My husband and I met Ron and Nancy Rockey in 2002. Their work identified issues which had impacted our marriage significantly. We started facilitating Binding the Wounds, and later The Journey, and have continued to this day–18 years later. The class has brought deep healing to our relationship. We have seen shame and anxiety lifted, many marriages restored, and healing within families. One man said he had seen several counselors, and ‘they might have helped a little bit, but this is much deeper than anything I have had.’ A woman’s husband told his divorce attorney that he wanted to reconcile rather than divorce because of the changes in her from Binding the Wounds. One survivor of horrific trauma had worked on healing for fifteen years before The Journey. She moved from throwing watermelons at her husband’s (new) truck to a good marriage; she was so impressed that she called all the churches in Seattle to see if they offered the class so her sister could attend. Another man, an in-your-face acid atheist, told me the first week, ‘That guy [Ron]! He grew up in my family!’ Six weeks into The Journey, he remarked on the way out of class, ‘The longer you do this, the harder it is to believe there’s not a God.’ He later went to church with his wife and was baptized. She sent a card to my husband saying, ‘I don’t know what you did but . . .’ and the whole page was filled with ‘thank you’s.'”

– Carolyn Winchell

“I have been happy to recommend Ron and Nancy’s ministry. The information they share has brought wholeness to countless individuals and families. I would urge you to attend any of their seminars and encourage your friends and family to do the same. You will enjoy their presentation style and invaluable experiences. In a special way, God is using the Rockeys to, ‘turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers’ (Malachi 4:6).”

“I have witnessed dramatic emotional healing and changed lives through their ministry. As trained counselors and dedicated ministers, they combine their gifts to bring hope to broken people. Parents, teens, singles, just anyone who has faced trauma or difficulties will benefit from the valuable information given. I am proud to count Ron and Nancy as not only a most valuable resource in ministry, but as wonderful friends.”

– Hubert Cisneros

“I have learned that the more conscientious I am about doing my own emotional work, the more successfully the participants are able to grasp the process and run with it!  To begin class, we always pray that the Holy Spirit will do the work that is needed in all our hearts. Praise God for His never-failing comfort, peace, and joy through the process! Many times, I have cried out to Him for help with a situation that I had no idea how to handle, and He has always come through!”  

“During each session, we do a check in time where we give our emotional number from 1 to 5 (1 being comatose and 5 being utopia). We have a feeling word sheet that we get out and look at to help us find words to express the reason for the number. Each participant is given 2 minutes for this (in the beginning of the series we use a timer). We have been doing it at the end of class lately because this way we don’t take too much time away from the lesson. This seems to work better than at the beginning as we did before. The cofacilitator, I write down prayer requests in a prayer journal during that time from whatever is said.  We take turns (the two of us) praying for these requests during the week since we don’t have time in class to pray for all of them. We’ve enjoyed watching God answer prayer!”

– Elizabeth Steinweg

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