Just Waitin’ . . .

Our life together, Ron and I, is an adventure!  Let’s tell you why I am saying this.

We are doing something we haven’t done in two years.  We are in our motor home, a converted GMC 4107 bus that we bought in 1995, gutted the inside and with the help of great friends, converted to a cozy home away from home.  Until two years ago, we traveled from seminar to seminar in it, and one time stayed in it for 6 months.  Over the years it became very special to us, and we updated it frequently.

We left our Pennsylvania office on Saturday evening about 8:30 pm, headed for Texas, because we have sold the bus to a gentleman there and are delivering it to him.

All went well.  We spent our first night in the bus, stopping to sleep at about midnight. First thing this morning, we headed out on the road again and drove until 4 pm, except for a fuel stop and a half-hour nap.

At 4 pm we got off the highway at a Lowe’s for a couple of supplies we needed and for our second meal of the day.  After completing our mission, we got back in the bus and battened down the hatches to set off.  Ron turned on the key – and NOTHING happened!  Oh well, no problem, Ron almost always knows what to do, but after ½ hour of trying, we knew we were going to be unsuccessful.  Busses can be complicated, not at all like cars, and experts are needed, but not available everywhere.

Now we are in a little town in Virginia, and we have now discovered that the place that can repair the bus is 75 miles back the way we just came, and we are going to have to be towed to get there.  Fortunately, we do have towing insurance, and they have been called – at about 5 o’clock, only to discover that a towing truck was going to come from a 2 hour drive away to take us to who knows where.

After many phone calls, we and the insurance company decided we would wait until tomorrow morning when repair shops can be contacted and we can ascertain which one can fix our problem.  Unfortunately the insurance people neglected to contact the towing company to inform them of this decision.  They called back and forth to us several times and we reassured them that we had cancelled for tonite.

It is now 9:30 pm and we are still sitting in the bus, just about ready to hit the hay for the night. Fortunately, we are in a safe enough place, well off the road and in a large parking lot.  And through the windshield, we see a tow truck backing up to us.  Apparently the insurance company had called another service company, who called AAA, who sent out a different tow truck from 15 miles down the road.  Mass confusion!

Well, after conferring with them, we discovered that our tow will probably have to be 75 miles back to Roanoke – tomorrow morning.  So, I am back at the computer writing this blog.

Hey – if life, adventurous as it is, gives you lemons, make lemonade!  We’ll keep you posted.


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