Face Your Fears

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. – Ambrose Redmoon

Have you ever been scared to death?  I have! It was about three and a half years ago, when an MRI revealed that I had a big problem in my neck – a problem that required a surgical intervention to fix it.

Being a nurse can certainly have its advantages and it can also be detrimental, in that you picture the worst.  In my case, I was mortified of the anesthesia, and having a doctor working so closely to my spine was daunting at best!  However, neglecting to have the surgery was a surefire way to become paralyzed and remain in severe pain. Sooo . . . it was off to the hospital for me.

My surgeon lives about a fourteen hour drive from our home, so we set off in the car on this adventure. About halfway to our destination, I burst into tears and shared with Ron how frightened I was.  I said that I was afraid that if the surgery didn’t do me in, my fear would.

Now, I really had no choice but to face the thing I feared, but I didn’t have to face it alone.  I suggested to Ron that perhaps he and my surgeon, a wonderful Christian man and the local pastor there, would pray together for me – a special service called an anointing.  Ron agreed that it was a good idea.

The night before surgery, I met at the church with the three men, and the anointing took place.  They prayed that my fear would be relieved and that the surgery would be successful.  The next morning, as I was wheeled to the operating room, I sang.  I sang a hymn that I had learned as a child. As the anesthetist was starting to put me to sleep, I continued singing, quietly to myself.  What a way to go to sleep!

I faced my fear – the surgery and the anesthesia, but I took along with me the assurance, the fortitude that I had obtained the night before.  I learned that day that I can face most anything as long as I am not alone.

How do you face your fears – or do you?  What gives you the daring to look fear in the eye, and move forward anyway?  Sure would love to hear from you!  We’ll post some of your responses on the website.

Oh, by the way, the five hour operation was a big success!

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