Beginning Again

Well, the ball dropped in New York City, and it was amazing that it didn’t explode or smash to bits with the extreme cold. I thought to myself, “Some people must really be desperate to see a glass ball descend a few feet, to stand out in a crowd, freezing to death!” The bells rang, the calendar’s page has changed, and we are well on our way into 2018. If you are like me, it’s easy to forget to write 2018 instead of what we got used to–2017.

You know, we can make resolutions for the New Year, and forget them five minutes later. We can stay on that diet during breakfast and lunch and then totally blow it at supper and while watching TV that night. The beauty of life is that we can begin again five minutes from now, half a day from now, or tomorrow. Each dawn of a new day is a new beginning.

Sometimes an illness or a tragedy causes us to stop, think, and start over again with a new resolve to do differently or better. Sometimes that “still, small voice” kick starts us onto a better path, a different way of being and doing. All too many people think erroneously thatit’s too late for them. “I am too old to change,” is proclaimed by far too many people, who honestly believe that changing is impossible at their age. WRONG! The sheer determination to do so, with a desire for a difference and a goal in mind, and perhaps the encouragement of a good friend and the power of God on your side, can assure your success!

I have decided to read more–the Bible, inspired writings, and wholesome books are on the very top of my list. I have decided to relax more. With the beginning of this year, I began my next quarter of a century in years. Seventy-five is a ripe old age, and a good time to settle down into less needless activity and into more activity that will enhance our relationship (Ron’s and mine) and my relationship with family and friends. I don’t have to be making dinners for everyone all the time, but just inviting friends for “tea” and a goodie works just as well as a five course meal.

I have decided to write more. So many people keep asking for a book about our years of ministry. Most folk would hardly believe the experiences we have both endured and en- joyed in our 52+ years of marriage and ministry. So I plan to start on the book very soon –

I’ve spent a few days thinking and planning so far and have a few more to go.

I have decided to be more grateful–thankful to those who help and support me on this journey. My “honey” is such an encouragement, and I am grateful for our years of life’s experiences together. Our daughters are priceless and precious. Sara, who lives just down the street with her hubby, Wade, have both been blessings to us. I’ll never forget the way they planned and celebrated our 50th anniversary for and with us. Our Naomi and Bob are far away now, but “Omi” calls frequently, and it’s such a thrill to hear her on the other end of the line. She is missed now that they have moved to be near their first grandchild. Our friends Kenny and Donna are always “Johnny on the spot” when we need them, even though they live nine hours away in Phoenix. They are a joy to be with whenever we can be together. Deb and Doug are the “saints” who transformed the inside of our bus when we travelled in it for years, and they are precious friends!! Don and Priscilla (she was my roommate in nurses training back before the earth cooled) are sweet, precious friends. They were in our wedding! Kathleen and Alex are always kind and generous–even though they, too, live in Phoenix. These are all precious friends we love and miss, and they need to be told often how much they are loved.

Audrey is the “angel” who publishes our newsletter and is always ready to serve when the website needs attention–couldn’t survive without her. Karan and Eric are loyal facilitators of our Recovery Programs and good friends, as well. They were here right after I fractured my hip and stayed to be a blessing when I came home from the hospital. Ken and Donna and our daughters came too, and were incredible blessings!!

There’s Linda who is a neighbor and a fabulous massage therapist. Many times she has saved us from excruciat- ing pain! We have new neighbors whom we are anxious to know better.

Our granddaughter Hannah and her hubby, Andrew, live nearby; they too are precious and have been a great help. They are due to have a baby in early June–YEA! We’ll be Great grandparents for the 3rd time, but this baby will live nearby. Can hardly wait for the birth!

BLESSED is hardly the word to use. As you have read, we have many people who bless our lives regularly. We have a small church family who have loved and prayed for us, and even though we don’t get to worship with them as much as we’d like, we do get to see them when they visit.

As I re-read what I have written so far, I wonder if this new book that we are contemplating on writing, can even be contained between two covers. So many blessings have been ours to share, so many near escapes from danger and even death, so many seminars taught near and far and traveling to teach them has been our privilege. And how does one even count those whose lives have been changed by our Heavenly Father through the ministry He gave us to do. We hear from folk quite often.

So here’s my New Year’s suggestion: Take an invento-ry of your life. Start making a list of all the experiences and all the people who God has sent to bless and bene-fit you. It’ll keep you busy for a while and it will behelpful to your new start this year of 2018!

Feel free to choose one such blessing and write to us about it, so we can publish it (with or without your name– your choice). We would love to hear from you. Your story could be a great blessing to other readers.

God be with you and in your hearts in 2018!

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