Upon Whom Do You Rely?

I am not sure where you live, but here in the mountains of New Mexico, we frequently awaken to deep blue skies as the backdrop for luscious green pines of all kinds and bright yellow autumn Aspens. What a sight! And believe it or not, even here in the southern mountains, our mountain (Sierra Blanca) had a nice dusting of snow yesterday morning. Just think how beautiful that looked against that nearly cobalt blue sky!

I went out early to get some groceries, as I am preparing for a total knee replacement on November 14th. Our wonderful friends, Kenny and Donna are coming from Phoenix to care for Ron while I am in the hospital and will stay a couple of weeks to help with cooking meals for us four. What a blessing they are and always have been! Our tradition is that we are always together for Thanksgiving, making pies and other things together. Then after our baking fun, we usually make homemade pizza for supper–the day before Thanksgiving. I am hoping that I will be up to making that pizza crust!

I’ve been preparing food and freezing it so that Donna won’t have to cook dinner every day. One night late, after putting what I’d prepared in the freezer, I fell ker-plunk on the kitchen floor! How and why? I have no idea. I just know that I was in agony. Getting up was going to be a project and a half, considering my bad knee. But the Lord sent His crane, like he had done when I fractured my right hip, and up I got, with much pain. A fractured rib and pelvic contusions later, I’ve been in excruciating pain since! What a blessing that I have a great doctor and more importantly a Heavenly Dad to rely on!

Being able to rely on someone is vitally important in life. My Lord, who is ALWAYS available for comfort and for pain relief is such a blessing. My physician who always fits me in to her beyond busy schedule, is amazing, and can always figure some kind of relief from whatever Ron or I need. And there’s Kenny and Donna, who are a nine hour drive away, but a phone call is always handy, and their voices are loving and comforting. Especially in this world of conflict, angry mobs, political unrest and threats of violence, having special friends is a must! Karan and Eric are team members and so special to us! They are coming one weekend very soon (before surgery) and will be a terrific help!! Jo, Bobbi Jo, and Rick called the other evening, knowing I was in pain, and brought us supper and even a crockpot full of the best soup ever! Other friends call and let us know they are praying for us. Kathleen and Alex (also in Phoenix) come to visit when they can and email regularly. It’s such enjoyment hearing about their activities etc. and a blessing too!

Do you have friends like this? If you do, let them know that they are so special to you! Plan special traditions together when you can. This Thanksgiving, why not think up a way that you can send a special message of love and gratitude to those who bless you regularly. What a joy it would be for them to get your gift of love.

Friends are like the walls of a house.
Sometimes they hold you up,
Sometimes you lean on them.
But sometimes, it’s enough to know they’re just standing by.

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