Yes, it is February, the LOVE month. Please note however, that this newsletter is sent to you AFTER Valentines Day. There is a specific reason for this.

LOVE is both a noun and a verb. The question is do you use the noun or verb most often? Sadly, many men crowd the local supermarkets and also spend outlandish amounts of money to convince their wives of their caring love. It was hard to believe the escalated prices for roses and flowers of all varieties, when I walked into our market. Merchants must make a fortune on this day between chocolates, chocolate covered cakes, strawberries, and elegantly dressed heart-shaped boxes of the sweet confection.

The BIG question is: Does that wife know every other of the 364 days in the year that she is loved? Does your husband also know of your incredibly wifely love for him?

As you have perhaps read before,

LOVE is my God-given power of choice
to do that which is in the best interest of
another, regardless of my feelings.

Are those chocolates in the best interest of your beloved, or are they given on this one day and then you feel that you’ve accomplished your duty? Love as a verb is showing that spouse of yours 365 days a year that he/she is indeed loved. It is also a word that should be used to describe your thoughts, feelings and actions toward every other human being. How about your children, your parents, your extended family, your neighbors and/or those with whom you attend church?

Just the other day, I had been to the dentist and discovered that I need at least one root canal and crown–perhaps three. I stopped at the grocery store, called Ron, and he asked me to bring something home, which would require another stop–no problem. I stopped atthat place and there I saw steam/smoke escaping from under the car’s hood. I quickly pulled the latch to open the hood, when I then spotted three young men and begged for their assistance to open the hood wide. They did, and it appeared that a hose had popped. I headed into the store, ordered what I needed, and a couple I didn’t know asked if they could help me. I explained and they offered to follow me to a garage for repair. I could not believe their kindness! They did follow me in my disabled car, and I arrived safely to the repair garage. The garage wanted me to leave my car with them, but how would I get home–another 12 miles? The couple said “We’ll take her home!” WHAT? How amazing, how loving! They took me home to Ron, who now had been waiting a long time alone, and off they went toward home.

I wondered . . . would I have done the same or would I have felt inconvenienced by the interruption to my schedule or plans? What would you have done?

When love fills the heart, it will flow out to others, not because of favors received from them, but because love is the principle of action. Love modifies the character, governs the impulses, subdues enmity, and ennobles the affections. Cherished in the heart, it sweetens the entire life and sheds its blessings upon all around. (Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing, p. 38)

Obviously, the couple who helped me that day had love filling their hearts, and its blessings were shed upon me! Not only that couple, but the couple, Ken and Donna, who left their home and business for two weeks to care for Ron and me after my knee replacement.There’s Linda, who brought home-cooked food for our enjoyment, Bobbie Jo and Jo who brought full plates from the church’s potluck lunch, those who sent cards, who called with caring messages, our daughter Sara who brought food and came to comfort, our daughter Naomi who lives far away and called regularly with loving messages, and those I haven’t mentioned who have been so kind. There’s Karan and Eric who drive 9 hours just to love our necks, do tasks about the house that are needed, and dear Eric who rubs my feet for pain relief. How we are blessed!

Let’s think about LOVE as an ACTION word every hour of every day!

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