Wonderful Autumn

As you perhaps recall, autumn is my FAVORITE time of the year. The air has a crispness in it that no other season can boast. One sees pumpkins everywhere–the supermarkets, peoples doorsteps, decorations on front doors, and beautifully and artfully created napkins and paper plates ready for that wonderful pumpkin and apple pie season. The markets seem to have pumpkin everything from muffins to jellyroll types with cream filling, and on and on it goes. Even pumpkin lattes are heralded at Starbucks and other coffee shops.

One of my favorite autumn activities is to make applesauce. Our granddaughter always asks for some when she comes to visit. Just the other day, our great granddaughter, Adylyn was cutting, would you believe, seven new teeth at once? She was miserable. So out came my applesauce from last year, and I told her Momma to put it in the fridge and get it good and cold, and give some to the suffering toddler.

I went to my usual haunts looking for apples, but there was none to be found! So I came a different way home, and at an outdoor market where I didn’t think about getting apples, there was the coveted “APPLES” sign. And right you are, I rushed in and bought ½ a bushel. So today I shall bathe them, core them and cook the apples. Yea for applesauce! Since our granddaughter will be living nearby, I guess I shall have to get another ½ bushel and make more. I cook them with the cleaned peeling on to make the sauce pink, and that’s kinda fun.

Somehow, at this time of the year I feel more energetic–must be the crisp air. But it’s also childhood memories. My Dad, with whom I had a strained relationship, would do one fun thing with me each autumn. He would take me with him to Wallstone Orchards, where we would indulge in a glass of their decadent fresh apple cider, and bring home a bag of McIntosh apples–YUM! Grandma Scott would make apple pie, and how the family devoured that! That type of apple is still my favorite for pie, but seldom do we find them here in New Mexico, but my friend Donna will always bring some when they come for Thanksgiving each year.

It’s very amazing how we are attracted to things that remind of years past, especially those childhood years when so many memories are made. Our dining room table has a lantern that has a battery-operated candle in it, surrounded by imitation autumn leaves. Several imitation pumpkins decorate various spots in our house, and I must get a large real pumpkin for out front door.

Do you ever ask yourself why you are attracted to a certain time of year or certain things? It would be interesting to do so, and to discover your reason for that attraction. Also we are repelled by some things, and they are perhaps a result of some negative experience(s) of your childhood.

We would LOVE to have you respond to this blog with your memories that are positive or negative! Please consider taking a few moments to do so.

And, have a blessed autumn season, whether carving pumpkins, making applesauce, or raking leaves. Or maybe you’re jumping into a pile of already raked leaves–a fun activity, for sure. Maybe you’ll even share a fun autumn recipe from your childhood? That would be great!

2 thoughts on “Wonderful Autumn

I don’t know why I love Autumn; it seems I always have. Just the thought of this season brightens my day. This year I put out my fall decorations early – just because I could and my joy is increased many times over seeing them around the house! I feel it’s important to do the things that bring us joy, big and small. We were created to be full of joy, so when we are filled up, let’s let it spill over with thanksgiving!!
And Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday – making pies with my best buddy and preparing the dinner together. We aren’t close neighbors any more nor as young as we used to be, but my husband and I drive to New Mexico and we “do Thanksgiving together!” It’s definitely a special time to be shared!

October 23, 2019 at 8:38 pm

Ron and Nancy

And we ar counting the days’til you arrive. Ready for pie making etc.

October 26, 2019 at 12:54 pm

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