Some day in heaven
When we meet the Lord
Each deed of kindness
Will bring a rich reward.

We have found the words of this song to ring true! Whatever you do for others, whether family, friend or stranger, will come back as a blessing to you. The return may not necessarily be in a monetary way, but in a feeling and the knowledge that you did something worthwhile.

Many times when, in this small town in which we live, I will see men, women, and sometimes children standing outside Walmart, holding a sign with a “Help needed” message. While I would love to be able to give to everyone, I cannot afford to do so. But I have learned to ask God, “Should I help this one?” And I have learned to act accordingly.

One time I saw a family with two children standing by an old vehicle, saying they needed “gas money.” The Lord said, “Yes, definitely.” So I stopped. I talked to the parents briefly, and learned that they were from Russia and were moving to Phoenix. Now I do have a soft spot in my heart for Russians, due to our seminars held there way back in 2004. All I had in my wallet was a $20.00 bill, which I gladly gave to them with a prayer and a, “God bless you all.”

Another time, Ron and I stopped for a woman who really looked hungry. Ron opened his wallet to give her a couple of dollars. She reached into his wallet, grabbed a $20.00 bill, and ran. Guess we had not asked God that time.

Does it matter if we think a recipient is worthy or not? Absolutely not! God knows, and when we work in cooperation with Him, just like the Good Samaritan did, we will ultimately receive the blessing of that teamwork.

Let’s remember, especially this Holiday Season, that no human being is irrelevant, that everyone alive could use a kind word, a cup of cold water, a dollar or two (even if you think you can’t spare it), and a “God bless you.” Just make your pie a little smaller and sacrifice that one piece to bless someone in need.

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