Beginnings – Rockeys’ January Newsletter

We are just a few days into the New Year–2020–and for some reason it feels easier to write the date of the New Year this time around than it has been in the past. Perhaps this is because 2020 feels more interesting to write. In any case, 2020 is the beginning not only of a new year, but also a new decade, and a new era for Ron and Nancy.

Come to think about it, every day has a new beginning, and most of us are sound asleep when it occurs at 12 midnight. Thus it feels like a beginning when the alarm sounds or when we awaken after a night’s sleep. We may have some plans or appointments for the day ahead, but no one really knows what challenges, joys, or disappointments await us.

In our case, there are new challenges with age, disease, and retirement. What time will the hospice nurse or aide arrive? Will my back give me pain relief enough to dust, wash the floors, and get the laundry done, or will this be a day of watching the dust accumulate while nursing aches and pains? Yesterday held a trip to Roswell, an hour and a half away, for a tooth extraction and a biopsy of two sores on Ron’s scalp, and now we await results to determine the next steps. It has begun to feel that even three hours on the road to get to the dentist or doctor is a bit too much. We are beginning to realize that as we age, we are not as nimble and energetic as we used to be. My mother used to say, “The mind is willing but the flesh is weak.” Sometimes she would find herself eating breakfast at 2 pm, and we now understand!

Sound depressing?  It isn’t!  In actuality, we face the day at whatever time we awaken, quickly review the schedule for the day, and ask the Lord to guide each step and provide the strength to make them. We find ourselves relying on Him more and more as we have stepped slowly (it feels like we raced) into these “Senior Years.” This morning, as we think about yesterday’s events, the Roswell trip, the dental and dermatology appointments, and shopping at Sam’s, we are grateful that we did so well. Ron was not in pain at all, and I didn’t get sleepy on the drive home in the dark. We thank God again for safety.

2020 for us is the beginning of a new era. Travel has long since ended, seminars are in our rear view mirror, except as they are recorded and available for purchase, and the many activities of our ministry are just “precious memories.” We will never really retire, as we plan to continue to research and write, as these are part of us–who we are. We will keep in touch with many people we have met along the way, and act as advisors to Petr Cincala at Andrews University, the new Director of the former Fixable Life, Inc., now named Life Renewal. Perhaps in the next newsletter we’ll write about how this transfer miracle occurred.

We will be more thoughtful of our beginnings here in the mountain home we enjoy. There have been many beginnings in our lives as a couple (55 years come August 15th) and this “sort-of” retirement business is just another. We will thank the Good Lord for each beginning of the past and every new beginning each morning, in which we will love and serve Him.

We hold a special place in our hearts for those of you we have met and come to love in our sojourn of ministry. Some of you have had new beginnings as a result of “jumping into recovery with both feet,” some have been resolved to help others and have become facilitators and very active with us in our work. Audrey Woods has been an invaluable assistant, and continues to facilitate in the Greater Portland, OR area. Karan and Eric Griffith have been a major blessing both in assisting with MindPrint Assessments and with facilitating 2 or 3 classes per week in the Denver, CO area. They are still active! Some, like Austin and Rachel Degenhart, have facilitated in El Paso, TX, and have been monthly financial contributors to the cause as well. Ken and Donna Patch, our wonderful friends, have been loyal supporters through thick and thin!  Don and Priscilla Perry, who were in our wedding years ago, have blessed many by facilitating in the Phoenix, AZ area, and are now retired in Tennessee.  How is it possible to thank you enough for all you have done for and with us?  You are so loved and we are so grateful!  Please be assured that our work has not died, but just progressed into new, very capable leadership, and will continue on until Jesus comes.

May you also be granted new beginnings–in your walk with Jesus, in the plans for your future, and in the stages of life you are granted.  We would love to continue hearing from you at: or by sending in a note to  Be sure to address it to Ron and Nancy, and it’ll be passed on to us. God Bless!

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Bill Tagatz

Hello Nancy and Ron,
Your Jan. letter could is pretty much a mirror image of our aging lives as well. And I am sure the same for many many more. Strange how different people and places all funnel down to pretty much the same pattern. Old age.
I enjoyed the letter and will look forward to more. You write well and true.
We are still involved in our business. Penny has been diagnosed with kidney cancer. We are in shock and looking for the best treatment for it. I am wheelchair bound with both legs amputated above the knee but we, like you, figure out a way to “get it done.”

January 15, 2020 at 8:49 am

    Allison Sauceda

    Dear Bill and Penny;

    Thank you for your comment on the Newsletter. Happy to hear that you enjoy it.

    Saddened to hear about Penny’s diagnosis and your state of affairs as well. We shall certainly add you to our prayer list, and are confident that God will make a way for Penny to get the treatment she needs, hopefully with success.

    We imagine that you’re still enjoying Phoenix area. We love out little place in the mountains. We do get a bit of snow, but much less that they used to get here. That’s great as shoveling is not for the aged or infirmed! Sara and Wade are nearby, and that’s a blessing. Naomi and Bob are in Florida. Their son, Joshua and his wife and 2 boys are in S. Beloit, Illinois. Sara’s son, Christopher is in Albuquerque, Daughter Abby is a teacher in Hobbs, NM and daughter Hannah is here with husband Andrew and their daughter and baby boy.

    That’s a bit of a catch-up about us.
    Lovingly and with prayers!

    Butch (Ron) and Nancy

    January 28, 2020 at 12:27 pm

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