Rockeys’ February Newsletter

It’s early morning and “the sun is up above the hill/Another day for us to fill with all the things you wanna do . . . ” That’s taken from a children’s song. The sky is high and blue, it’s true – a typical New Mexico morning.

This morning however, I have been moving furniture around, because today, Ron’s special chair, ordered in mid-November, is finally being delivered, just in time fo our big move. It’s a gift from precious friends. Yes, Ron and I are moving to Florida!

One day, just three weeks ago, a call came in from our daughter, Naomi. She said that she and sister Sara had been talking about this for about a year, and that they wanted us to move. The reason: “That house is too much for you Mom, with caring for Dad, trying to get help for Dad, for the yard, for outside this and that, cooking and cleaning. It’s just too much! It’s gonna kill you both before your time. You need to go to a place where you don’t have to worry about those things.”

Well, the next weekend she showed up at our door with her sister! She stated that they were here to start the packing, and so they did! She could stay only the long weekend, so they packed the china cabinet and helped with important decisions. Naomi found a lovely place for us in Florida, so on March 11th, we will fly to Florida, and our new residence. Sara and son-in-law Wade will fly with us, just to help out, considering Ron’s state of affairs. We are blessed to have such wonderful children! They will also be looking for a place in sunny Florida. Sara’s dream is the beach, so they’ll look somewhere where they can get to the beach in half an hour’s time.

We have been selling things we don’t need. Folk have been in and out buying our furniture, etc. – leaving us with things that will fit in a smaller home. Even my piano is sold. Oh well!

So we are embarking on a new adventure. We have a screened in porch where we have a beautiful view, and Ron should enjoy time there, when it’s not too hot. Otherwise he’ll enjoy his new chair and the air conditioning.

This sorting and packing is definitely a burden, and the Good Lord will see me through. Just the thought of tackling the study is overwhelming!

As of March 11th, we will have a new address:
2603 Covenant Drive
Fort Pierce, Florida,  34981

Our cell phone number will hopefully remain the same. Home number will, of necessity, change. Our computer will not be set up for a while because we will need to purchase a small, second-hand desk for it to sit on. Our iPads and e-mails should remain the same: and

Hope to hear from you when you are able.

We solicit an interest in your prayers as this packing and sorting continues. Please know that, as always, YOU ARE LOVED!

Most Sincerely,
Ron and Nancy

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