Mindful Moments – #3

You remember, don’ t you, that a neuron is a brain cell.

Connecting neurons in the brain form pathways.  Pathways, used repeatedly, become habits.

A child’ s brain is very busy making connections.  We learn how to sit, to stand, to walk, and to understand and speak words, and having done so repeatedly, before long we are able do these things without thinking before each task.

Even our thoughts and their accompanying emotions form pathways in the brain. Each time we revisit a pathway, it strengthens.  This would mean then, that negative thoughts and emotions, frequently heard and felt, will strengthen in their intensity, becoming a law of living.

It might be that you heard hurtful words over and over again, and absorbing them, they became part of your belief system.

You can send them back to the giver, erase them from your thinking and live without that negativity.  You’re worth the effort!

​Tune in next week for another hope-filled, mindful moment.

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