Mindful Moments – #4

Let’ s look at those neurons one more time!

It has been thought that if neurons die due to disuse, to stroke, disease or accident, they are lost forever.

However, Medical Science is now discovering that we can make new neurons to replace the lost ones.  How hopeful is that for victims?

Treatments are available, that actually “bring to life” areas of the brain that are not active due to disease.  New blood vessels form, bringing life-giving oxygen to promote and sustain life and activity.  Even stroke victims who have lost movement, mobility, or the ability to speak, can regain those skills.  Practice enhances that recovery.

​Do these miracles occur at the stroke of some magic wand?  Not usually!   They take time and persistent effort.

And so it is with changing the way you think.  It’ s a process–and you can do it!

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