Mindful Moments – #5

Early connections set the stage for the rest of life!

Some newborns are cheated out of the first four hours with their birth mother and father – the window of opportunity for bonding.  It is during this time, that babies make that powerful emotional connection with a parent that holds them in good stead for life.

A skin to skin connection on Mother’ s chest, for 45 minutes following birth, can minimize even the trauma of a difficult birth.

– Listening to her heartbeat
– Smelling the familiar fragrance of her body
– Hearing her comforting voice
– Feeling her gentle touch
– Looking into her eyes of love and acceptance
– And being nourished at her breast

All of these send messages to the brain that the infant is OK.

To be sure, the body is a miraculous machine!  The brain, foreman of the body is wise and designed to make us survive and thrive!

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