Mindful Moments – #6

The first four hours of life, are designed for emotional bonding with birth parents.

If, because of the circumstances of our birth, we were not privileged to have that time with our mother and father, does it mean that we can never make intimate emotional connections?   NOT AT ALL!

If it’s possible to do so, find out the truth about your birth; if you were privileged to bond in those first four hours.  Far too many babies were whisked away from delivery because Mother was asleep from anesthesia or because it was hospital policy.

You may wonder just why that intimate connection you long for is so hard to come by. It just might be that you missed out on that initial connection, thus making subsequent ones more difficult or altogether illusive.  Knowing these early circumstances will help you to realize that you aren’t strange.

​We are designed to connect, and the brain is renewable.  You may have lost an early connection, but the circuits are fixable!

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