Mindful Moments – #7

We develop feelings without words, while still in the womb.

Our Mother’s emotions are transferred to the child beginning at the fourth month of pregnancy.

Mother’s stress hormones, Adrenaline, Nor-adrenaline, Cortisone and Cortisol are elevated in her times of emotional or physical stress. These hormones pass through the umbilical chord to the child, and if received in high amounts, can create abnormal connections between the neurons of the brain.

What Mother feels, baby feels. Dr. Bruce Perry, a neuro-psychiatrist and founder of Child Trauma Academy states that the most profound effect on the child in the womb is the relation between the birth parents.

These are some weighty points to ponder, as you begin to examine the origins of your anxieties. Perhaps your level was set in the womb, or in the experiences of early childhood.

In either case, anxieties are fixable. Moments of ah-ha (so that’s why) help to provide peace and joy in your everyday experience.


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