Tidbits of Recovery – #3

Here are the basics – the two rudimentary emotions: Love and Fear. As humans we live in either one most of the time, and like it or not, it’s usually FEAR. All negative feelings, thoughts and behaviors stem from fear – either Healthy or Mythical.

Healthy fear is a feeling that motivates an appropriate response to a very real hazard. The healthier a person is, the more responsive (note: response, not hysteria) he or she is likely to be to the warning provided by real fear.

Mythical fear comes from the faulty and self-defeating conclusions we form when trying to cope with toxic input from our culture. It is both limiting and destructive. It causes us to develop unhealthy techniques in an effort to cover up the fear and make us feel better – temporarily. Fear paralyzes and predicts its own end. Usually what we fear comes to pass.

Our fear can originate as early as in the womb, based on our mother’s emotions during her pregnancy, or even be passed down to us from several previous generations.

How does fear affect you and where do you think it originated? Place your answer in the comments below.

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