Tidbits of Recovery – #4

Have you decided the answers to the last question – where your particular fear originated, and if it is Mythical or Healthy? I can tell you a fear that I have and where it originated.

Several years ago, when we were traveling extensively (every weekend) to teach seminars, we were flying home and were at about 35,000 feet when suddenly, the plane hit a non- budging stone wall in the sky (well, that’s what it felt like.) For the next 20 minutes or so, the plane shook violently, and dropped out of the sky some 20,000 feet. Flight attendants went flying and so did objects from their carts. Some who were not seat-belted actually hit the plane’s ceiling and there was general panic on the plane, and silence from the cockpit. Finally when the plane landed, the pilot apologized profusely and explained something about a turbulent wind in the sky, and that he had had all he could do to try and control the plane. One attendant said that she’d been flying some 30 plus years, and was sure we were going down.

Am I an avid flier today? Absolutely not! I fly if I have to, but am quite reticent to do so. Would you be? Is that a Healthy fear or a Mythical fear? I have a dear friend who I would LOVE to visit, but she is on the other side of the country, and the thought of a plane ride to visit her, doesn’t thrill me. I have flown since the incident I reported, but I have done so with my hand in God’s and a long conversation with Him as I board the plane. He is my refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.


– How do you face your fear?

– Do you remain paralyzed from a troubling incident?

– What experience has caused your greatest fear?


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