Tidbits of Recovery – #5

Fear is demonstrated in at least 4 different ways:

The first is DREAD – a fearful expectation or anticipation. This can be real or Mythical.

The second is CONCERN, which comes about because it affects someone or something that affects you or is important to you. Again, mythical or real.

Then there’s FRIGHT – an emotion that’s experienced in anticipation of some pain or danger, and is usually accompanied by a desire to fight or to run, butterflies in the stomach and/or a pounding heart.

Consider the fourth manifestation – REVERENCE, which is awe or respect. Perhaps that’s how you feel in a magnificent cathedral or meeting someone like the US President or the Queen of England or someone you admire greatly. It’s how I’d feel in the seeable, physical presence of God!

Some fears, are actually normal, like the fear of falling. It helps us to be cautious walking on ice or on rocky terrain. But some people spend their whole lives based on fear. All of their thoughts, feelings, decisions and behaviors are motivated by fear, and usually their behaviors are negative.

Fear is very detrimental to the health of the body. It sends harmful chemicals careening through the body that, in large doses, can be quite detrimental.


– What percentage of my time do I spend in fear, including making decisions based on fear?

– What things do I dread?

– What things or people are of concern to me?

– What frightens me?

– What or who causes me to feel reverence or a sense of awe?

Share your answers below in the comments or with a friend when you can. This helps!


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