Tidbits of Recovery – #10

Do you ever re-arrange or move your furniture? Some women are known for doing it rather frequently, confusing their husbands, especially in the nighttime’s darkness. Some men protest like crazy, but mine, bless his heart, usually doesn’t.

We have some precious friends who live far too far from us, but they come several times a year to visit, and we are grateful. Ron can’t travel much now, so it falls on them to make the long trip. When I know they are coming, and they usually stay for a couple of weeks, I do my best to rearrange items to make their room roomier, comforting and inviting.

Change is good for us. It keeps us from getting into a rut and bored. Sadly however, one of the best changes we can make is in our behavior. That change comes from a process that many do not like: self-examination. It’s a look in the proverbial mirror at one’s own character traits and behaviors. Then it’s asking ourselves where the unlovely behaviors come from, a processing through them and making a change. Those kinds of changes benefit ourselves and those around us.

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