Out Like a Lion and In Like a ?? – Rockey’s Update

Yes, I know, I’ve got the title rather backwards, haven’t I?  It’s supposed to be that March is in like a lion and out like a lamb, isn’t it?  But . . . this isn’t the case here in the mountains of Alto, NM this year.

I was getting Ron ready for an appointment with the dermatologist–a 1 ½ hour ride from home. He had told me when I got him up that he was dizzy, and proved that on the short trek to the bathroom. I got him washed and dressed, with considerable difficulty, and got needed items into the car. He was standing with his walker when his knees began to give out, and while the squatting was happening he was moving backwards, me behind him. I tried to hold him up, but I couldn’t. Down he went, landing with his head just one inch from his heavy electrical bike. I was beyond off balance and somehow landed on top of him. Two of us on the floor–such a scene! Well, I rolled off of Ron and crawled to a chair to get myself up, grabbed the phone, and dialed 911. After giving them the vital information, I sat beside him to wait.

Believe it or not, four EMT’s were here within 10 minutes!  We later discovered that two of the four live in our sub-division. They offered to be of help whenever we need them.

A discussion ensued as to whether or not Ron should be taken to the hospital, but after talking to my nurse daughter, she agreed with me that he should go by ambulance. So off we went, he in the ambulance and me following in our car.

Our local emergency nurses and nurse practitioner were excellent. Ron was given a CT scan of his lower back, his head (because of the dizziness), an x-ray of his hip, and a pile of bloodwork. Everything looked okay, meaning no breaks and normal bloodwork.

After eight hours in the ER, the decision was made to allow him to come home (really due to his insistence). As I write, Ron is in his chair, shaky legs and all. He isn’t dizzy today, thank God. And he’s where he wants to be!

We surely could use your prayers!  I say “we” because I am Ron’s full-time care-giver, and I have an “old nurse’s back,” in need of assistance but without the possibility of getting any at this point. A specialist is three hours away in Albuquerque, and that trip is currently out of the question!  We await a call from a local agency to see if Ron can be reinstated into Hospice. That would give me assistance with Ron’s showers, etc.

We still cling to the promise found in Scripture, Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (NIV).

There is no way that the Lord will forsake us now, after all these years of taking precious care of us! We rely on Him and on His promises, and at the same time, we know that He wants us to be sensible, use our heads and logic, and make decisions that are in line with His will for us.

Pray with and for us to be wise, will you?

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