We Belong to God

Be still and KNOW that I am God. – Psalm 46:10 (NIV)

Sometimes it’s hard to remember WHOSE we are. We get side-tracked, distracted, overwhelmed, and even lost; it’s easy to lose our way as we journey through this challenging life on earth.

Do you remember getting lost as a child? Maybe in a big department store or off the beaten path in the woods? Or perhaps were you the parent who agonized over a child quietly wandering off or deliberately “hiding” from you? I once had a child deliberately hide from me in a store. At the end of the hunt, neither my son nor I were laughing. It was traumatic. Never again did he “hide” in the center of those round clothes racks and think it was great fun!

Do you remember how afraid you felt, being the child or being the parent in such a situation?

You didn’t know who to trust; unfamiliar faces around you, no comforting arms to help you feel loved and secure, until you were “found!” I’m sure you wondered why on earth you thought disobeying was okay and it was a good idea to take off on your own.

Fortunately for us, God knows WHOSE we are at all times–physically, mentally and spiritually! Because of that truth, let us hold onto Him when we find ourselves floundering, afraid, or in questionable and confusing circumstances. Remember, we can call out in Jesus’ name, and He is with us before His name is finished being whispered or shouted! He does not condemn, nor say, “I told you so,” even if we repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

His power is far greater than Satan’s; God’s plans are greater than what the destroyer has planned for us.

God gave us life, and along with that precious life, He always offers love and unconditional acceptance from Him–even if we don’t feel it anywhere else from those around us.

Let us be mindful of His goodness and praise Him for all He does for us, each second of the day. Let us remember that HE is God, and that His love is greater than anything we may face.

It is easy to fall prey to the wiles of the world and temporarily go astray . . . but you don’t have to stay lost! God’s arms are always open.

Choose Him daily. (Maybe even more often, if need be!) You are already HIS! Praise God!


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