Mother’s Day

I think that it is safe to plant my herbs and flowers now. Hopefully the chance of snow has dissipated.

My Mother’s Day morning was spent planting oregano, basil, lemon thyme (love it for soups and casseroles!), parsley, and a whole lot of petunias. Our daughters, Sara and Naomi, ordered a planter for my herbs–made from cedar wood and waist high (to preserve my back). What a thoughtful and fabulous gift. It’s supposed  to rain today sometime, and the sky is gray, but no raindrops as yet, so I went out and watered. One day this week I hope to go to Alamogordo, to Lowes and/or Home Depot, hoping to find a few more plants–more variety than just petunias.  After planting, I also made American Chop Suey, expecting company that did not come, but we have a goodly amount of leftovers, so that’s a help. I bought a very small variety cheesecake to save my back from baking, so now we have dessert for the week, for sure.

How did you spend your day? If your mother is alive, I bet you did your best to visit her by one of the internet varieties available, if not face to face. My mom is long since deceased (2005), and I still miss her deeply. She was a warm and loving person, adored by all who knew her. She was a perfect model of the Bible’s pattern of a good woman, found in Proverbs 31. She was a nurse (the first in a line-up of 3 generations), the wife of a man whom she adored (my Dad), the daughter of two parents whom she also adored and cared for until their dying day. In this day and age, that is almost unheard of!

I have a portrait of her hanging in the living room, and also one of my grandmother, who I adored also. Two beautiful women who raised me, comforted and snuggled with me, and taught me about Jesus. I have been totally blessed by them, and by others who participated in “mothering” me.

So now that tears are flowing down my cheeks due to the women I miss, I will close for now.


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