Rockeys’ July Newsletter

It’s hard to believe that we have to rip June off the calendar, because it’s already July! WOW, the Coronavirus has swept through several months already, and we still have to wear masks when out in public. There is something rather suffocating about having to wear the mask when at the grocery story, WalMart, or the pharmacy, don’t you think? It makes one want to stay home and enjoy the garden or create something scrumptious in the kitchen.

June has held the birthday of our now two year old great-granddaughter, Adylyn. I arrived at her party to hear her crying. I followed the sound, and found her in the house. She spotted me and put up her little arms in the familiar gesture of “pick me up, Grammy,” so of course I did. I found a seat and held her close, her head on my chest. I began to sing “Jesus Loves Me” to her and by the end of the first verse, she was asleep. Fantastic, isn’t it, how the warmth of someone familiar and the name of Jesus can comfort us. That little one just pushes the buttons of my heart, is so loved, and she knows it. It’s just like we should know it when we need comfort, and should rush to the arms of our Lord.

On the 17th, I came into the family room where Ron sits with his iPad or the TV, and couldn’t believe the amount of shaking in his entire body–beyond unusual! I asked what was wrong, and he said he had been shaking for about ½ an hour. I bent over to kiss his forehead, and discovered that he was warmer than usual. Right away, I took his temperature, and while it read only 99 degrees, his temp usually is 97 degrees. So he had a low grade fever. About then, the physical therapy assistant knocked and came in–good thing. In five minutes his temp had climbed to 100 degrees, and by the time she was here (less than ½ an hour), his temp was 101.8!

Okay, time for a trip to the Emergency Room, even though I was fearful because hospitals do not allow family members inside, and I wondered how they would understand him because of his diminished speech. I was supposed to sit in my car in the parking lot, so that’s what I did.  Soon a knock came to my window, and there stood a nurse. She asked if I could come in to the ER because they were having a hard time understanding his answers to their questions. Could I?  You bet! So in I went; it was about 4:30 pm then.

He had been given an IV in the ambulance while it was still parked in our driveway. They had taken a blood sample and still needed a urine sample. Both came back looking good; what was happening to him was a mystery! By the time the clock read midnight, I was told that they were sending him to ICU. Why? – “Because your husband is very sick and we don’t know why yet. We want him well cared for.”

Now it was time for me to go home. No more visiting with Ron. The next day, nurses at the ICU told me that he had cellulitis–in his leg! What? Nothing showed up before the hospital or even in the ER. He was now on two IV antibiotics, and they were hoping they worked to reduce the inflammation/infection.

True to form, Ron made up his mind after nearly 3 full days in ICU, and one plus day on Med/Surg, that he was coming home! The ambulance company has a van that transports people home, so they brought him on Sunday evening, and without difficulty he walked to the bathroom and back to his chair. Many prayers had been answered again! My honey was home. He is recovering, eating well, and now he just needs his speech therapist, physical therapist, and Home Health worker.

Now, it’s nearly July, and on the 4th, we celebrate the founding of our country, and on the sixth, the birth of our first child, daughter Sara. Usually, our friends Kenny and Donna are here and we celebrate together, because it’s Kenny’s birthday, too, but Coronavirus has put a hold on their visit until who knows when? So we shall do our best to celebrate over the weekend with Sara and Wade, and may maybe a couple of friends in our neighborhood. We will eat outdoors on the patio. I usually make a red, white, and blue cake, so I shall plan to do so. It’s just a white cake with three layers. Strawberry and cream fill between bottom and middle layer. Blueberries and cream between the top and middle layers, and a flag decorated on the cream of the top using the fruit. It’s cold and yummy, and so is the watermelon we usually have also. Ron and I are still patriotic and so are our children and neighbors, so we do enjoy celebrating the 4th.

How are you planning to celebrate our country’s birthday?

We are so grateful for Ron’s recovery. He is still in the process of saying goodbye to the cellulitis, and is doing as well as can be expected, considering his Parkinson’s Disease. We know that our Savior and the Great Healer has it all in his hands and under His control. ”Whatever will be, will be,” as the old song says.

Enjoy your 4th Holiday, and do be safe! God Bless America!

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