Dates and Times

There are some dates and times we seldom, if ever, forget. December 25th is, for many of us, remembered as a special day of celebration with presents and good food. July 4th is celebrated as Independence Day, with picnics and fireworks.

For me, January 2nd, albeit my birthday, was infrequently celebrated with a party, until I was 16, and then my folks pulled out all the stops!  August 3rd (today) was my Mom’s birthday, April 3rd, my father’s birthday, January 11th was Grandma’s birthday, and April 6th was Grandpa’s.  Most remembered however is August 15th, our wedding anniversary, and as I type I can see our wedding party, the little church in New London, Connecticut, and even feel the heat of the scorching hot day. October 1st is Ron’s birthday, a very important day on which the love of my life was born. Here are two other very special days we celebrate: July 6th;. That’s the day, at 3:04 a.m., when our firstborn made her entrance into the world. At 5:25 am on September 30th, our Naomi was born in a difficult delivery.  That she survived her birth was a miracle of God! Our first grandchild, Christopher Michael was born on February 20th–the first boy in our family for quite some time. September 6th and May 26th mark the dates of our two granddaughters, and January 11th was grandson Joshua’s date of birth.  I bet that while I listed all these special days, you compared them with extraordinary dates in your lifetime.

How about friends?  Do you remember those dates or do you have to check the calendar to be sure to get cards and maybe gifts to them in time?  July 18th, July 19th, April 25th, October 25th, December 12th, and August 20th are all special dates I remember because of the friendships I cherish.

There’s a date we eagerly anticipate, but cannot pinpoint on a calendar (Matt. 24: 42-44)–the date Christ returns to take us home to live with Him for eternity. The Bible tells us that no man knows the date or the time, but we can tell its nearness by the signs we were told to watch for. If you think like I do, then you are counting the signposts as they pass day by day. Have you read about them recently?  Maybe you should. You can find them in Matthew 24: 3-31. Are you ready for the celebration?  We buy Christmas and birthday cards for our friend’s special days, but how are we preparing for the greatest celebration of all?

The Bible tells the story of the ten wise virgins and the ten foolish virgins. The “wise” virgins had their lamps trimmed and burning to light the way for the Bridegroom. The ten “foolish” virgins had not cleaned their lamps, trimmed the wicks, and did not have adequate fuel in readiness.  Usually when guests are coming to our homes for a visit, we prepare. Fresh flowers in the guestroom, clean linens on the bed, good food in the fridge; we even shower ourselves and look presentable. Are we figuratively doing the same for Jesus’ return? Will you be as overjoyed to see Him as you are when your friends visit?

Things to think about as we approach that “great gettin’ up mornin’.’’ Are you excited?

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