Rockeys’ October Newsletter

Today it’s early morning on a very special day – October 1st. First of all, it is my Sweetheart, Ron’s birthday. We still have him, despite his end-stage Parkinson’s disease, and we are grateful. Sometimes I wonder how he manages to be so upbeat, considering his condition, and I keep reminding myself that this is a gift from God. He did, after all, turn his life from where it was in his teens to God, and that choice has sustained him through the ups and downs of life!  The day we met was a gift from God, and every day since has been continued gifting as well.

It is also the wedding anniversary of our special friends, a couple who have been our “besties” since 1977, when we met. That, too, was an event-filled day, as they came to find us because they were in marital crisis. They have been together happily since, and greatly supportive of us and our ministry. So this is a special day to celebrate!!

October 1st also signals in my very favorite time of the year – autumn. In New England, where I was born and even as a married couple lived many years, the foliage is magnificent. We loved to take a ride north to New Hampshire for apples, great cheese, and maple syrup, and a view of those fire-red and orange trees! Here in New Mexico the trees are pretty too – dark green pine and brilliant yellow Aspen set against the pine. A few years ago we took a ride on the Toltec Railroad from Northern New Mexico into Colorado. What a sight and a thrilling little trip. We have wanted to return, but Ron really isn’t able and with Covid still around, the most restful train car is not available.

So considering the circumstances, how will we celebrate today? Ron sleeps in as I write. Then we will have a small breakfast, and we will head into town. There is a little restaurant there where they make the best “Green Chili Rings” ever!  Those famous Hatch green hills are cut into rings, dipped in tempura batter and served with a slightly warm (spiced) sauce for dipping. We will order a basket “to go” and an iced tea, and head to a picturesque spot near our noisy river, and enjoy the scenery and the tasty tidbits. Then we will travel to Glencoe Orchards, just a few miles down the road, to find out when the Jonathan apples will be ready. They make the very best applesauce!  I would love to have a new batch to have with ricotta/blueberry pancakes and other breakfast yummies. Our friends, afore mentioned, will be coming for the holiday, and they like the applesauce almost as much as we do!  By then, Ron will be tired out (so will I), so we will head home for supper and a rest.

Before long, the snow will fly here in the mountains. While we are aging FAST, we still enjoy being inside by the warmth of our fireplace-type stove, looking out at the while blanket. It reminds us of the robe of Christ’s righteousness that He places around us as we give our lives to Him. What a precious promise, that God sees us through the righteousness of His Son’s robe and not through our own robes stained with sin.

In November, we eagerly anticipate the birth of great-grandchild #6 – we can hardly believe we are that ancient! There is a baby shower coming soon for which I am baking cutout cookies. Then Thanksgiving, the birth of a new great-grandson, and then Christmas. Both our daughters have wedding anniversaries between now and then – and we are so grateful for their happy marriages!  Ron’s special sister, Phyllis, has a birthday too, on Nov. 30th – the day that Ron and I met. We can NEVER forget her birthday!

So much is happening between now and the New Year. Our prayers are with you all, and we earnestly ask for an interest in your prayers on our behalf. We would love to hear from you whenever you are able.  May God continue to bless you all!

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