The Only Thing That Never Changes

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” – Hebrews 13: 8
“I have loved you with an everlasting love.” – Jeremiah 31: 3
Funny how the weather goes; it’s just like a lot of things, don’t you think?
Last week we suddenly had 10 inches of snow dumped on us here in the NM mountains. This week, the snow is gone, and we have temperatures in the high 70’s. Sure does make life interesting!
Last week, President Trump had thousands and thousands of supporters at rallies – as many rallies as five a day. He was a “shoe-in” for re-election! Suddenly, Joe Biden is the President elect? Just like the weather – wait five minutes and it’ll change.
Last week, I was “up to my eyeballs” making applesauce – 17 pints so far, with still a bushel to go. This week, I am dealing with pain from a molar removal. The tooth was broken, causing complications. Hopefully tomorrow, I will be back to applesauce.
I was thinking about the one thing that never changes: the love that God has for us! Regardless of the snow, the election, and the residual pain from a tooth removal, God loves all the time. And what a blessing that He makes the sun shine to melt the snow, He is the one who puts up “kings” and takes them down, and He is the one who can ease our pain, regardless of what causes it.
Let’s be faithful in thanking Him for all of the positive changes He can – and does – make in our lives, and let’s count on Him to handle the election, too. He NEVER changes!

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