Rockeys’ December Newsletter

So, today is the morning after the day before, the Thanksgiving celebration is over, and Ron is having a longer than usual sleep, giving me opportunity to write. We enjoyed a “soup to nuts” dinner with four friends, and then there was the clean-up, but a small price to pay for such a yummy dinner and great fellowship!

Christmas will be upon us sooner than we can believe, and it’ll be quiet this year. Gifts are all lined up. And now there is just wrapping left to do. Ron and I will enjoy a quiet dinner at home, certainly not as lavish as yesterday’s. The greater thrill will be to just watch some appropriate TV programs and to spend time thanking God for another year of life together.

Ron and I don’t do the gifts for each other, unless we purchase something that is needed for our home. We would rather spend any extra to gift someone in need. We rather look forward to getting some of the white stuff, reminding us how our Savior covers our sins and misdeeds with His robe of righteousness. We will look at cards and letters received and reminisce about times past and blessings received during our 55 plus years together and our years of ministry.

2020 has been an arduous year for many! Escalating deaths still remind us about the raunchy pandemic that blighted our nation and the world as a whole. Riots, looting, and the difficult and confusing election have caused many to fear for what is to come upon the earth, but we must be mindful that God is in control and that His coming is just around the corner.

Ron and I often agree that we are happy to be at the age we are now. While God has blessed us with great-grandchild #6 just a couple of weeks ago (and we can hardly wait to hold and love on him), we pray for the life he will lead until Jesus comes.

Please know that as your faces and names come up in our memories, we think of and pray for you, and are grateful for your multiple kindnesses to us and for the memories we share. While we can no longer travel, we think of you often and of the bus (which we miss greatly) that took us from place to place in our ministry.

God grant you LOVE, PEACE, and JOY during this Christmas Season and throughout the coming New Year.

With our love,
Ron and Nancy Rockey

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