Nancy Update – Part 1

I must start with an apology. You have not heard from me for a year. On the 13th of March, it’ll be one year since moving to Florida. It was a move that neither Ron nor I wanted to make, but our daughters insisted because they could see the downhill changes in me, and of course, in their dad.

His Parkinson’s Disease had progressed significantly since his final diagnosis in 2008. We (family, friends and me) did the best we could for him for those 14 years. We both believe that his disease was present before 2008; especially noted when he could not drive the “bus” any longer, and tearfully sold it.

We were in our little apartment for only a few days, when a caretaker came to help. You see, I had experienced a fall, fracturing my left hip, three weeks prior to the flight to Florida. The move has been a great blessing, and our daughters are only a 40-minute drive away. Thank God for our Sara and Wade and for our great friends, Kenny, Donna and Sue who came to do our packing. Because of Ron’s illness and my attempt at hip replacement recovery and only three weeks after the surgery, we needed help. The caretaker brought us COVID.

Ron was hospitalized for several weeks and came home with a huge to-the-bone bedsore. He was never the same after that. He resided in a hospital bed in our bedroom until his death on August 2, 2021.

Life for me continues with several handicaps. After COVID, I had a small stroke and was hospitalized again. It left me with neuropathy and left sided weakness. Walking has been with a walker and now graduated to a cane, and sometimes just on my own while in the apartment.

To say I am lonely for the love of my life is a great understatement! We were not only best friends and lovers, but also partners in ministry.  Fortunately, I am improving some in the process of grief. Here in this senior community, I have made several friends who have been a blessing and an uplift to me.

Just today, I finished writing a book about grief. It is not only personal, but also the stories of others who have grieved., or like me, are still in the process. It is going to Andrews University for final editing and publication. Watch for it here, advertised on this website.

I shall endeavor to be more faithful in my articles on the website. I would love to hear from you! Just send your greetings to the website, and they will pass them along to me.

God Bless you all, as we await the soon return of Jesus, when there will be no more tears.


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