Nancy Update – Part 2

This morning, with my cuppa’, I sat with my devotional book that was sent to me by a dear, dear friend. Each piece contains a part of an old hymn. I have found it to be very special. Then I looked at the list of pills that my cardiologist wants to make sure that I have what I need to prevent another stroke.

You know, the older one gets and the more experiences of illness, it seems like the number and type of pills increased, and of course, so do the out-of-pocket expenses. Pills to prevent this and others to take care of that. Supposedly, that keeps one alive and reasonably well.

As I look back over my years and the multiple surgeries for broken or worn-out body parts, I realize that there is only one pill that has been consistent since age 17. It’s kept me clicking.  Now there’s 5 pills and my daily Vitamins A and D3. At least I only have to take them once a day.

But since the greatest misfortune in my life, that of the death of “my beloved,” God has shown me a better way – a much more effective “pill.”  It is of His presence living within me. I am not boasting here; just aware that striving to “copy” Jesus and His ways, makes the Christian life most arduous! However, allowing for the presence of Jesus Christ within –   living inside of me – does more for me than any pill, however expensive,

Remember the old hymn?

Live out Thy life within me, Oh Jesus, king of kings. Be Thou the glorious answer

to all my questionings. Live out Thy life within me; in all things have Thy way.

I the transparent medium Thy glory to display.

Christ living within me is the catalyst for His glory, His goodness and mercy. The struggle is over! The human in me (and in you too) wants to react to unpleasant occurrences with sadness or anger, but Jesus reacts with compassion; therefore, so will I (and you).

Today, I would counsel to ask yourself: Is Jesus living inside me, or am I struggling, striving and feeling stressed about the useless work of endeavoring to copy Him?  Sing the hymn over and over again throughout your day – even fall asleep at night with it in your heart and on your lips (operatic voice unnecessary).


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