A Dose of Uplift

Have you ever needed a large dose of uplift?  Where do you go to get it?  Perhaps you revert to a cup of tea or coffee or a caffeine rich soft drink?  Do they really help or are the just a panacea that lasts maybe an hour and then you find yourself down again?

Are you the athletic type who goes outside for a run or if your my age, perhaps for a long walk?  Do you call a friend and just gab for a while?  Both of these certainly inspire the blood to flow and perhaps your mind to be more alert and your spirit blessed.

What inspires and thrills me is two things:  Sharing the gospel with someone who hasn’t met Jesus, and singing in a crowd of people in a large church with excellent acoustics. Well last night it was not to be – to late and no church available. But . . . A friend had mentioned a televised Hymn Sing entitled “Gerald Wolf Hymn Sing.” I turned on my TV, and what a pleasant surprise!  I sang for three hours!  It was difficult even then, to turn off the music and get to sleep. I felt so enthralled that I wondered if I’d be able to sleep. I slept very well!

If you like music, gospel music, try a Gaither performance or one the above mentioned programming. You’ll be blessed and happy that you took the risk.

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