Lord, I Need a Friend

About 30 years ago, Ron and I did a seminar in a large city. At the end of the seminar, I was handed this poem. It really struck me then, and it still does today. In a box that I was unpacking, I found the poem, written on the paper that was handed to me way back then.

I thought that this would be good because it addresses those who tend to look down or discriminate against street people.

May it touch your heart as well as mine.

I’m calling from South Broadway, Lord with no reason to pretend.
You see I’m with the homeless, and Lord I need a friend.
The world just doesn’t know what it’s like out on the street,
To always be looked down upon and trampled by their feet.
There are times that I am dirty and my face looks drawn and sad.
So many just don’t realize that I’m lonely and I’m cold
They forget I have a heart and they overlook my soul
I want to stop this drinking, Lord, as it’s messing up my life.
Already I have lost my home, my children, and my life.
Yet I know that I can’t do it without special help from you.
I’d appreciate you sending a friend to see me through.
It’s often hard to show it when I feel so much defeat,
So Ill wait here for your help Lord, to get me off this street.

Together, let’s not just look, but stop to speak to lonely, broken people, ask why they are on the street, and see if we can give them a hand, or at least words of encouragement and a prayer.

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