“Merry” Christmas

“Merry” – an interesting word! Happy, joyful, grateful are some synonym words that could be used. I live in a senior residence. They offer three meals a day, and believe it or not, the food is decent. In the short time I have been here, I have become acquainted with several friendly people, and have enjoyed meals with them.
However there a some you could address with Merry of Blessed Christmas, while giving them a smile, and they will not return with a smile or a “Merry Christmas” back to you. One woman often plays the baby grand in the lobby and some of us sit around singing. Enjoyable!
I look at the folk who are here. Some, I have learned are former college professors, school teachers, clergy and doctors. One in particular has Parkinson’s and has had to give up his surgical practice. In conversation, I asked what he was doing for Christmas. “Staying right here” was his answer. 
“No family?” I asked.
“No one near here that I care to be with,” he responded.
A few have passed the stage of caring what is going on around them. So how can Christmas be merry for them; it’s just another day.
So looking back to the word “merry.” I think we say it in a flippant way, as a greeting this time of year. Others can’t wait to see what “Santa” may put under the tree for them. The greatest gift however, one that should make us merry, joyful and grateful, is Jesus!  Not wrapped in gaily packaged paper and adorned with bows, but the one wrapped in swaddling clothes.
So think about it: When you say Merry Christmas, remember to thank God that moment for His priceless gift, guaranteeing our salvation, if we but accept his life and death lived in love for you and me.

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