A Cardboard Christmas

Recently I moved for the third time in three years. This necessary move, to an affordable apartment just 10 minutes from both our daughters, came at a difficult time of year. Everyone is busy with Christmas preparations; my back is screaming (you’ll read about that in a new book in the writing process), and help is pricey. On my budget along with expenditures for family Christmas gifts, I cannot afford $20/hour for help. Sometimes it feels like I am just shuffling boxes around.

As I sat in Ron’s chair, I felt sad that I’m not able to decorate for Christmas. And then this thought came to me: These boxes are the same color that was the straw on which Jesus lay as a newborn. What a thought and reminder that brown cardboard can take me to the manger, if I let it.

I’ll have to admit that last night was spent wrapping gifts for children, grandchildren, and great grands. It did feel good to have a bit of Christmas cheer in front of me. But I keep reminding myself of the humble Savior who came to bless others and guarantee us salvation if we simply allow Him in.

Remind yourself often that the very best gift you’ll ever receive came from God by sacrificing His son, Jesus for our benefit. What a blessing relationship is with Him – a never-ending gift!

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