“Let Me Call You Sweetheart”

“Let me call you sweetheart…”

That’s “an oldie and a goodie” song – especially this time of the year! February 14th: flowers, chocolates, and lots of weddings are common, and couples express their love for each other. I remember making two layer heart shaped cookies, raspberry jam between and a little window on the top to reveal the red jam. Yummy! Would love to make some this year – we’ll see.

I get to celebrate Valentines Day this year with a couple I love dearly – in warm (hopefully) and sunny Arizona. I get to snuggle with their new schnauzer puppy too – how I miss our Holly! As I type, I look out one of my many windows and see a dove fluttering in a palm tree – a symbol of love, I believe.

This year, however, my thoughts turn to expressing love to “my everything.” That used to be my Ron, as I told him many times. While doing so in his dying hours, he had lost his voice – couldn’t speak anymore. But he hollered out, “No. God is your everything.” Those were his last words to me. And he was right! Now that I live alone, God and my relationship to Him is my everything!

So what am I going to do for HIM this Valentine’s Day? Cookies, candy, flowers? I think not. All HE wants from me is love in return, time with HIM, being open enough to show my love to others. This will be the very best Valentine’s Day gift for my Beloved Savior and Friend.

What will you be doing on February 14th?

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