Old and New

“Times they are a changing,” so the saying goes. And it isn’t only times that are changing but all manner of things in the world! Would my parents or grandparents know what a cell phone or computer was?  Certainly not.

Music, TV, attitudes, anger, murders and many more “what we’re used to” things are converting, and for me, not all the conversions are good or bad – they just are. I surely do not know how I would manage each day without my cell phone, and computers are valuable also for electronic conversations with loved ones and friends. And once in a while I pick up my Lenovo to just write, like I did today.

My body is changing along with so many other things. My hair is not as full and thick, my walking ability has slowed and is now painful. Standing to do cooking and baking (one of my favorite things) has become arduous and infrequent. Fortunately, where I live, they serve 3 meals a day – I usually go to the dining room for two.

One thing I do not like to see changing, is losing so many friends – at my age, death calls quite often. I used to love my church, preached there occasionally, traveled to teach with my beloved Ron, and even in the bus (our method of transportation in the U.S. and Canada) I cooked and baked.

I am however promised that one thing will never change – my Heavenly Father and Jesus will ALWAYS love me. I am promised a home with them for eternity, so long as I continue to love and serve them. “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thine house.”

That’s the BEST unchangeable there is!


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