Oops, But . . .

Sometimes the things in life that occur whichwe think are so terrible, end up being a blessing. Have you noticed that?

Today is Nov. 2nd–our assigned moving date, but calls from the executive director at the independent living place where I am moving to called to let me know that there had been a flood in our neighbor’s apartment, affecting mine. Floors were wet. Long story short, they had contractors rip up our flooring with the baseboard, 3-4 feet up of new sheetrock, have mudded the new sheetrock, repainted the place and will be doing a deep cleaning. We are just waiting now for the new flooring to arrive.

So, what could have been a disappointment turns out to be a blessing. Am I fully ready to move if the mover, Steve, was at my door right now? Not really! And it gives me a few more days with friends here, and a few more hours of packing and a brand-new apartment! And occasionally I can travel in this country to do one-day seminars.

THINK ABOUT THIS: Have you experienced what you considered to be a disaster, turn into a blessing? Have you asked God to show you the way ahead, a purpose to bless others? Please do write about it and send it to Dr. Petr Cincala at: cincala@andrews.edu. He’ll pass it on to me.

With love,

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