Frustrated to Blessed

Ever been so frustrated that you’d like to pull your hair out? I would guess that most of you have.

I am in the process of moving, and what a miserable duty that is! It was just over 1 ½ years ago it was necessary to move to my current address so that Ron and me could be close to our daughter’s homes. We figured that a 45-minute drive to us would be OK, but not so. After another physical setback, I am moving to a place just 10 minutes from our girls. Without my beloved here to say, “Oh throw that out; don’t need it anymore,” etc., this has been a trial.

The living room is full of boxes and far from the way it usually looks. There’s not much left to box, but these last things can be a nuisance. Stuff like under the sink products and last minute kitchen items. And then things you’ve had to give away or throw away against your wishes are a burden. Strangely enough, but surely in God’s hands was several days delay due to a flood and a major redo where I am moving, but of course, true to God’s wonderful grace, there was more time for sorting and packing. There’s one of the blessings. The other is that I am moving to a brand-new apartment because of the thoroughness of Discovery Village. God knows and has our lives planned from the end to the beginning, and regardless of our upsets and frustrations, He has it all mapped out and is sending us on the right road.

Do you have an experience of God going before you, even in the toughest of times. I would love to hear from you! I am not comfortable with putting the street address online, but send your reply to, and he’ll send it on to me. I do miss being with ya’ll and would so enjoy being in touch.

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